Brand Identity / UI / Visual Design

Keepmebooked was a service for hosts to manage their rental properties. It was owned by HouseTrip but operated as a separate product. It was later integrated into the HouseTrip product team to be further developed. As part of the HouseTrip acquisition by TripAdvisor, unfortunately the decision was made to stop the development of Keepmebooked. I was responsible for the branding and visual / UI design concepts.


After conducting competitor research and the current state of the Keepmebooked branding and design we started to formalize some high level ideas and concepts. It was clear Keepmebooked needed to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Colour wise the competition was very blue and the overall branding and design felt very cold so using a strong colour and graphic style would set Keepmebokoed apart from the competition.

KMB Process 1KMB Process 1


Some of the keywords discussed were premium, simple, light and reliable. The Identity needed to have a simple and strong visual language to convey the ease uf use of the actual product. The goal was to create a more approachable brand experience a light, fresh and personal touch. Two concepts were explored with the theme of syncing, a continous loop of pulling and pushing data being the one developed further.

KMB Process 2KMB Process 2

Final brand mark

Final brand mark and construction grid along with colours and logotype lock up. 

KMB typeKMB type


Homepage, calendar page mockups, Iconography exploration and UI elements.

KMB Calendar PageKMB Calendar Page
KMB UI PatternKMB UI Pattern