HouseTrip – Photoshoot
Art Direction

In conjunction with a brand campaign covering TV and above the line advertising we took the opportunity to update the Brand Photography Library. The choice was made to piggy back on the advertising shoot that was being done in Barcelona in terms of locations. With only a few days to write a brief, find a photographer and with the help of the PR team source a Model Agency I flew out to be on the two day shoot.

Photographer: David Ruiz

Communicating the brief and the type of photography we were looking for had to be done from London in order to keep the tight deadline. I sent PDFs with examples in terms of scenes and styles along with annotated photos from scouted locations.

HouseTrip Photo BriefHouseTrip Photo Brief

Selection of final shots and usage

The final photography from this 2-day shoot was used on the homepage and emails

HouseTrip Selected shots 1HouseTrip Selected shots 1
HouseTrip Selected shots 2HouseTrip Selected shots 2
HouseTrip Selected shots 3HouseTrip Selected shots 3
HouseTrip Selected shots 4HouseTrip Selected shots 4